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moBUinet is an ecosystem where individuals, communities and
businesses using digital currencies can come together
to interact and transact.
Shape the future by signing up to moBUinet's digital currency network!

How it works
Feature handshake

Each user within moBUinet is to be verified, which means that you will be interacting with real people.

Feature marketplace

An Entity is able to create products, available for sale with digital (as well as traditional) currencies and promote them in a natural, organic way. Or, if you’re a consumer, this is where you’ll find great products and the best deals and spend your coins!

Feature entities

An Entity is a unique concept which allows you to showcase, promote or grow your business, campaign, idea, etc. You are also able to find and connect with individuals and businesses, who accept the digital currency of your choice, and build a network within which you can interact and transact. By separating your various connections, you can now send targeted messages and updates to your different connections, which means you can manage all of your relationships on one single platform!

Feature scripts

Our ultimate goal is to build a sustainable ecosystem where a digital currency can be adopted and utilised meaningfully, which is why we have launched moBUinet Digital Scrips (mDS). We will be adding new features in order to fully utilise mDS very soon!

About Us

moBUinet is an ecosystem where individuals, communities and businesses can come together to interact and transact using digital currencies. The platform offers a unique networking concept that is specifically designed to facilitate further adoption and usage of digital currencies.

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